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About Us

ARM provides attractive, cost-effective benefits with greater flexibily than the fully insured plans of competitors.


ARM was founded in 1992 by a group of professionals who wanted to put their expertise in benefit plan administration to work for businesses faced with the prohibitive cost of benefit plans and the lackluster service provided by insurers. Since then, the company has flourished, expanded services and added geographically distinct service centers. It has learned to leverage the skills of some 30 employees, many of whom have been with ARM for over 10 years, some more than 15 years.

ARM's success comes in great part from our relentless dedication to service, seeking new ways to use and expand our knowledge, expertise and corporate personality to improve the circumstances our clients and their consultants face.

For the future, we see tremendous opportunities in the growth of our third party administrative services. Employers continue to be challenged by the product and service options offered by insurance companies and feel an increased need for creativity under our current economic conditions.

Our Philosophy

ARM is committed to helping employers deliver the benefit plan that is most suitable to their corporate goals. We believe that exceptional service coupled with a high level of expertise and creativity make for a successful employee benefit plan. Integrity (both personal and intellectual) is a hallmark of our organization. We believe that every business can benefit by utilizing our services and that employees covered by the plans we administer are well cared for.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive ongoing benefit plan administration and management services to businesses. We provide outstanding customer service to your employees. We help you to leverage your own resources by focusing on the delicate balance among cost, benefits and service levels. We learn about your company and use our core competencies to assist you and your consultant in implementing administrative procedures that dovetail with your own internal procedures, striving to make your health plan meet all of your requirements and expectations.

What You Receive

ARM develops plans and procedures that work for your business and your employees. Our creativity, sense of innovation and concern for the well-being of your employees, will save you time and money while helping you gain respect from your staff.

Our People

We could not serve you the way we do without an outstanding team of people who understand your needs and work hard to ensure that you and your employees get the most out of your benefit plans. The collective experience, knowledge and personality of our people is ARM's single largest asset.


Since its founding, ARM has helped a variety of companies across America design and implement benefit plan solutions for their employees. We do not focus on specific industries, but rather look for clients who seek to take control over the cost and effectiveness of providing employee benefits. We encourage clients to take an active role in the design and implementation of their plan. By working closely with you and your consultant, we get to know you better, ensuring that you and your employees will be satisfied with the plan and with our level of service.